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The Dashboard shows an overview of Teams and Projects at a glance. You can see what is doing each team member as well a comparison between hours spent by project vs estimated. No more interruptions asking or emailing to ask what the team is doing during the day or week.


See project status anytime with Reports. You can filter by Project(s), Team(s), User(s) and date range. A report can be exported to PDF and Excel.

See activity timeline

Timeline allows see what tasks users were working during the day as well if there were active on their computer or not.

This functionality, requires install Focoosin Desktop (free) in each computer

Focoosin Play

We don't like fill timesheets, for this reason, Focoosin Play together with FocooSir allows tracking the time spent by projects automatically. Say 'Bye' to timesheets and 'Hi' to Focoosin Play. Did you forget to indicate which task you are working? FocooSir will remind you automatically.


A task, also known as Issue or Bug depending on the industry, allows assigning activities to be completed by a team member. A task has some basic features:

  • Name: Task name.
  • Assignee: Who is responsible for work on the task.
  • Project: The project which the task belongs.
  • Estimated Time: The initial estimated time of completion.
  • Elapsed Time: Time spent on the task. This value can not be edited directly and it is calculated automatically based on Focoosin Play.
  • Type: The task can be associated with types. Example, Bug, Feature, etc.
  • Status: The status of the task. Has it been completed?.

Each time a task is edited, we keep track of the changes, so you can see the History of the task. Also task could have Attachments and Comments


Companies and free-lancers work with projects. Focoosin provides also Projects to allow groups tasks under it and provide additional analytics information.

  • Participants: Users that works on the project.
  • Name: Project name.
  • Project Identifier (code): A internal code (name) that could be used to associate your projects in case your company has name convention for projects.
  • Elapsed Time: Time spent on the project. This value can be edited directly and it is calculated automatically based on the task associated with the project.
  • Due Date: Date which the project must be completed.
  • Attachments: Files uploaded to provide additional information about the project.

Each time a task is edited, its tracked, so you can see the History of the task. Also task could have Attachments and Comments

FocooSir and Rules

Trigger notification or events based on the status of tasks and projects. Know when you project due date is close or your time is consuming the bag of hour for the projects and other alarms.

Some of the available events that could trigger a notification are:

  • The user is working but has forgotten to activate Focoosin Play.
  • The user is working on the same task more hours than estimated.
  • Task or project is consuming all the estimated hours.
  • Task or project due date is getting close.


Most of the actions which require interaction with other team members, do trigger notifications, for example:

  • A task assigned.
  • A task edited by other team members.
  • A user is added to some project.
  • Comments left by team members in Tasks or Projects.
  • Task reminders.
  • Etc.

Focoosin Desktop

FocooSir requires installing Focoosin Desktop, which is available for Mac and Windows.

Focoosin Desktop allow receive notifications, see dashboard quickly and detect if you're active or no on your computer, so it could help you to count the time correctly.

If you have not download Focoosin Agent yet, download it now!

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