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Semi-automatic time tracking

FocooSir helps to track the time correctly. Install Focoosin Desktop on each user computer

Project and Task Management

Create and assign tasks to projects and members

Team Overview

Get a quick overview of what your team is working on real-time

Activate task reminder

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"Did your team forget to indicate what they are working on? No problem, that's on me."

Auto Pause

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"Yep. If I detect that you are not working anymore. I make your life easier by pausing automatically the time counter."

Assisted control of time

FocooSir, our unique smart software agent, helps controlling tasks and projects.

Personalized reports

See and export detailed reports to PDF and Excel with your company logo.


Include files, docs or images to tasks and projects to keep information centralized.

Third party integrations and API

Integrate with third parties and also provides an API to integrate with your existing tools.

Tasks, Projects and Teams

Create unlimited tasks per project and create Teams to personalize reports, analysis and rules


Using cutting-edge technology to keep your information safe in the cloud and available everywhere.

Boost your team's day-to-day productivity.

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